Phoenix November Update

November 25, 2020

Dear Phoenix Center’s Residents, Families, Staff, and Visitors:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES! As of today, November 25, 2020, we have 0 active (+) resident cases and we have 2 active (+) employee cases and are self-isolating at home. We have 0 suspected cases at this time. We continue to closely monitor all residents for signs and symptoms. We continue to work with local DOH, CDS and our infection control doctor for guidance and to maintain our protocols that were put into place. We continue to test all our residents and staff weekly. Unfortunately, the facility is back to phase 0 but was expected as there is a rise in cases in NJ. We continue to work diligently to adhere to all our infection control practices.

All indoor visitations are suspended as per DOH as we are in the “high” zone due to the increase in COVID-19 cases. We will allow outdoor visitations if weather permits following our outdoor visitation guidelines. We continue to offer end of life, compassionate care, & essential caregiver visitations when requested and appointments are made in advance. For compassionate visits, we will now be requiring our family members to please present a negative COVID test result within 5 days of the day of visit to allow compassionate visitations (until we are able to provide rapid test for the two week period). Please reach out to your social worker to get more information for all permitted visitations. We continue to offer video calls with your loved one as well. Please note we have added COVID-19 updates that includes our outbreak plan, communication plan, and updates on our visitation guidelines when you visit You can also find our weekly conference call information on our website.

As we approach the holiday season during these trying times, the way we celebrate will be a lot different this year. DOH, CDC, and Phoenix Center strongly is against taking out our residents out of the building during the holidays as there is an increase in community spread for COVID-19. We will ensure we have frequent video call and communication throughout the holidays, as requested and fun activities for our residents to enjoy! If you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact your social worker or myself.

DOH will be piloting a two-week program for all nursing homes on rapid testing for all staff and visitors. All staff will be tested every other day using the rapid tests that will be provided by DOH. All other permitted visitors that are allowed in the building must perform rapid testing as well before going on units, such as doctors and consultants. DOH has created this program due to the increase in cases in New Jersey.

We thank everyone for your continued support and patience during these trying times and as we live through a second wave, we will get through this together! Our staff will continue to work hard to ensure we are keeping your loved one safe and themselves from COVID-19.

I want to thank everyone for their great effort to keep our residents safe. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and healthy!                                                                                                

We at Phoenix Center continue to look forward to brighter days ahead!

Natasha Islam, Administrator                           Roselyn Romblon, Director of Nursing