To All Visitors & Families

To protect our residents and staff from COVID-19, Phoenix Center for Rehabilitation & Pediatrics has put in place the following visitation restrictions:

We are limiting visitations at this time except for end of life situation, compassionate care and essential care visits. However we are allowing outdoor visitations. Please contact your social worker to arrange an appointment. All permitted visits are by appointment ONLY.

To arrange virtual video calls with your loved one please contact your social worker or unit manager.

For all urgent inquiries please call the main number 973-839-2119 [email protected], after 8 PM at 845-751-2868.

You can also email us at [email protected].

COVID-19 Planning and Updates

In order to better inform you we are posting our outbreak plan for COVID-19 preparedness as well as our updated outdoor visitation guidelines. You can find and review both below. As always the safety of our patients, their loved ones, and our staff is our highest priority.

Outbreak Plan

Indoor Visitation Guidelines

Outdoor Visitation Guidelines

Phoenix Center for Rehabilitation & Pediatrics host weekly conference calls with family members on facility updates during the pandemic on Fridays at 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM! Families will be able to ask any questions or make suggestions for facility. Please refrain on discussing HIPPA related questions about your loved one.

When: Fridays 9:30AM- 10:00AM

Dial-in number: 602-580-9451

Access Number: 850-147-2

Host PIN: 8048

Looking forward to hearing from you!

November 25, 2020

Dear Phoenix Center’s Residents, Families, Staff, and Visitors: HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES! As of today, November 25, 2020, we have 0 active (+) resident cases and we have 2 active (+) employee cases and are self-isolating at home. We have 0 suspected cases at this time. We continue to closely monitor all residents for signs and symptoms. We continue to work with local DOH, CDS and our infection control doctor for guidance and to maintain our protocols that were put into place. We continue to test all our residents and staff weekly. Unfortunately, the facility is back to phase 0 but was expected as there is a rise in cases in NJ. We continue to work diligently to adhere to all our infection control practices.


Our Mission

The core of Phoenix Center for Rehabilitation and Pediatrics is a compassionate, caring team with years of knowledge and expertise.

At Phoenix Center, the warmth of our team is apparent from the moment you step through the door. Nurses are friendly and welcoming, therapists are patient and encouraging, and each dynamic team member has a positive demeanor. This creates a cheerful, energetic atmosphere that is conducive to healing and restoration.

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Elder Rehabilitation

We employ highly-trained doctors who are leaders in their fields, we maintain cutting-edge medical and therapy equipment, and offer a wealth of enriching programs to help facilitate the healing process.

The results are clear to see: quicker recovery, better maintaining of functions, and overall better outcomes.

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